The 11:11 Symbols

The 11:11 Symbols



The 11:11 Symbols

11:11 Symbols Book:


The Universal Symbols and Laws of Creation:
A Divine Plan by Which One Can Live

by The Heavenly Hosts, The Servants of Creator

This book is for those that resonate with the 11:11 frequencies, which is unconditional love.

When you walk with an open mind and sincere heart The Symbols book will assist you on your inner knowing of the knowledge in which we all carry within. The frequency of these 11:11 Symbols will awaken the truth within your own DNA structure. The Symbols speak a universal knowing that when activated, and REMEMBERED, will help you on an individual level as well as a cosmic. By working with the Earth Messages we reform and ground to the original Creation plan, with evolution of Oneness. The Star People’s Message will assist you in reconnecting to your universal family. The Ascended Masters Message will reconnect you to future self. The Symbols assist your growth of your own individual relationship with Creation, which is Oneness of the Whole of Creation, Heart of Creation which is LOVE.  The authors are the Heavenly Hosts.

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See each symbol below — and read Yellowhand’s message for that symbol.

Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator


UniversalLawof LightSoundVibration1 UniversalLawofFreeWill1 UniversalLawofsymmetry1 UniversalLawofMovement&Balance UniversalLawOfInnocenceTruthAndFamily UniversalLawOfChange UniversalLawofJudgment1 UniversalLawofPerception1 UniversalLawofLife1 UniversalLawofNature UniversalLawofLove


SpiritualLawofIntuition1 SpiritualFreedomofAll SpiritualLawofEquality1 SpiritualStrengthHealthHappiness2 SpiritualProtectionOfTheFamily1 SpiritualGrowthofMan SpiritualLawofKarma1 SpiritualLawofFutureSight SpiritualLawofChoice1 SpiritualProtectionofMan1 SpiritualLawofhealing1

See more information about each symbol below — and read Yellowhand’s message for that symbol.

The 11:11 Symbols


Awakens Inner Wisdom and Remembrance

Awakens One to Cosmic Community

Atones Self to Celestial World

  • It is the basis for all creation:  Sound and Light.  For light has sound–sound has light.  The scientists are beginning to discover this in a wonderful way.  Even these things you know as sound, light and vibration are given to you as a method of healing, to re-create.  The very core of the being is a vibration.  The thoughts are a vibration. It is quite simple, isn’t it?  Your Creator is a vibration.  There are tonal sounds to this vibration and these sounds can uplift the Spirit, raise your own vibrations to a much higher level.  There are vibrational fields that the physical body is not even prepared to experience yet.  But you are working your way towards that.

    The Angelic Hosts as well as your Extraterrestrial friends understand how to communicate thought with vibration, how to transform the body with vibration.  It will be a part of your new way of living.  There are those now coming forward to teach you of these things.

    The Light holds a certain vibration.  Perhaps you have heard the White Light of the Christ?  It is a very high level Light.  A light vibration that is within all of you.  It existed with you and your creation when the Creator created your being.  It is divine.  It is holy.  And so with this Light and awareness of this Light, let there be peace, and let peace reign at all Universes.

    Let there be Peace.

The 11:11 Symbols


Heals Emotional Body and Heart

Opens Wellsprings of Creative Intuition

Change through Thought Alchemy

  • There was a great discussion last night between Marilyn and Virginia regarding Intuition and what one would determine as gifts of the Holy Spirit.

    Ah!  Holy Spirit!  What is Holy Spirit?  Most closely associated within your Christian religion, but know this:  all religions encompass this thought of Holy Spirit in some way.  But would suggest here that you think of Holy Spirit as your Higher Self:  H.S.–Holy Spirit.  H.S.–Higher Self.

    And there are many wonderful gifts that have been given to you through Higher Self.  One of them is Intuition.  When you have that Spiritual connection to the High Self, your Intuition opens up like it were a book or a doorway.  It is a gift to you to use.  It is a part of your discernment and in use of discernment.  It is so that you have a knowing about your world and your world within.  It is so that you will have a knowing of your Cosmic Realm and your Cosmic Realm within.

    Your Intuition is your guidance.  It is very closely related to emotional feeling.  It is how Intuition expresses itself, through emotion or instantaneous thought.  So listen to that inner voice as it were, the Higher Self.  And when you have the connection to the Higher Self, you are closely connected to God Goddess All That Is.

    It was a gift given to you with Love.  It is for you to use this gift wisely.  Choose Love when you use this gift.  You may use it for self protection to some degree.  It may be used to help heal your body.  It may used to help heal others.  It can be used also in the opposite direction.  For you have the gift of Free Will as well and how you use this Intuition.  But because it is a gift, you share in the gifts that you have.

    Because you have this gift, does not give you the right to step in the space of another, intuitively even, unless asked.  So in your sharing be aware that if you are not asked to share, then please do not share it.   When you intuitively are with another and you by “accident,” pick up or receive something intuitively, it is not for you to share and gossip of another.  It serves no purpose.  If one feels compelled to share it with an individual, that it is regarding, and you feel so deeply within your heart that you must share it, then please do so.  But bear in mind, that you are letting this one know that you have stepped into their space without permission.

    It is honoring and respecting the Spirit of another . . . and honoring and respecting your own Intuitive Self.  By doing this in this manner, it is choosing Love, in this manner.

    And so be it.

The 11:11 Symbols


Protects Personal Freedom

Invokes the Freedom Ray

Accesses Great Karmic Council

  • I do not know that I specifically have a story to go with this one.  But it goes hand in hand with the Universal Law of Free Will.

    Your Creator created you out of Love (as I have just spoken and said before).  The Spiritual aspect of your being is your Emotional Self.  It is a fe-e-eling.  It is a knowingness.  It is a beingness within yourself.  It cannot be touched.  It cannot be created in the third dimensional.  It is the very core and the very aspect of your being.  It is what you are.  You are Spiritual Beings.  And, once again, this Spiritual Being is based in Love.

    So it matters not how you choose to serve the Spiritual Self and honoring the Creator within yourself.  It matters not what religion one would choose (if you choose to put it in that category).  For it boils down to the basis in all these things.  And the Truth of it is:  that there is a recognition of a Spiritual Being.  Sometimes it’s called the Soul that is seated within the house called the Body.  But no matter how it is chosen to be addressed, no matter what race you are, no matter what planetary system you come from, it is the Divine Essence.  It is that Spark of Light that is your Spiritual Self.

    Now, you could use your ego to guide you in other directions if you wish.  But the Spiritual Self is not separate ever, ever from the Creator.  It is in merely this recognition . . . and honoring and accepting . . . [whispered:] that you are a Divine Creation of the Creator.

    One may believe in returning again and again, if they wish.  If the belief is that one must do so to better themselves or improve themselves.  When you hear these words that you must be “born again” to know the heavens and the Kingdom of the Great Creator, it is simply a reference to reincarnation.

    And it is also a reference to a shift in your perception . . . of who you are and recognizing yourselves that you are the Divine Essence.  You are Love.  And there is no judgment at all.  Never has been from the Creator, never will be.  It is you who judges yourselves.  It is you who are hardest on yourselves . . . because your egos tell you that you are not good enough . . . to be the Spiritual Beings that you are.

    Creates a dichotomy, ay?  Well, that dichotomy does not have to exist if you simply allow your perceptions to shift — shift into the Dimension of Light and Understanding.

The 11:11 Symbols


Open Gates That Have Been Closed

Initiates The Alchemy of Self

Invokes Dharmic Path

  • Well, I could tell the story of The Three Little Pigs.

    Each chose to do their Will as they will.  But was the right use of the will what got them where they were, you see?

    That little children’s tale said a great deal in aligning the Will and doing something right the first time.  There will always be something in the background that will pull you in different directions or what you would perceive that you are being pursued by such as the Big Bad Wolf.

    The Big Bad Wolf pursued each of the Three Little Pigs.  But each did not believe in themselves and what they could create.  You see?  They did not believe that their houses within themselves were their Strength and their Power.  They set their foundations on other things . . . which was their Free Will to choose as they do.  But what did they get in it, but lessons?  Hard luck story, aye?

    But there was one that had the Vision to see the significance.  And the strength and the power and the belief was in this one, in what this one could do for himself.  The key here is “belief”.

    With this belief, he overcame fear . . . of the Big Bad Wolf–who was out there.  So he was protected by his faith–the foundation–the choice–that he had.  He had a Free Will in it.

    Do you understand now what I am saying to you?

    The Law of Free Will is a wonderful gift given to you; but, it becomes the right use of that Will that is of a significance.  For when you have aligned your Heart in the foundation of the Love of the Creator and you have aligned your Will through your Heart, then you shall find Peace, Strength, Power . . . and the Absolute.

    So when you build your house,

    build it with Love.

    Let each cornerstone

    be uplifted

    with giving,

    with receiving,

    with enlightenment

    and with service for the Creator.

    Let the windows of this house

    that you have built

    be your eyes,

    be your doorways

    to receive

    and let in the Light.

    Let the roof

    be seen as

    the Light surrounding you.

    Let it be your geometric design of Faith.

    Honoring the Free Will of each and every soul upon Earth and the Universe is important for you to be able to have your own Inner Peace.

    For when you cannot allow and honor the choices that others make in their lives, you’re not allowing the Law of Free Will to be, as it were, to serve the purpose that it was created for.  So, do not let Judgment of another interfere with their free choice.

    For it is in the knowing that all is well . . . of every choice that everyone makes.  And all that you choose:  Keep Love as the basis for this.

    For, Love is what you are.

    Love is what you’re created from.

    You are Love.  God is Love.

    Therefore, you have a connectionary unity of Oneness with the Creator in all things.  And the recognition of this in all things is honoring the Divine Light, in each and every Soul, and the freedom to choose:  Freedom to choose.

    My story has been short and sweet.  My analogy has been short and sweet.  And it was done so and said in this manner so that it would not create confusion and what Free Will is.

The 11:11 Symbols



Helps One Lift From Material to Spiritual Mind

Grounds Divine Presence

Sets Eyes on Creator

  • Symmetry is pretty fancy word, ay?  But it in essence has to do with what would have been thought of or has taught before as “as above so below”.  To have something in symmetry in a form or a picture, it must feel in balance, hmm?  And so this law has more to do with balance — the Balance in Nature, the Balance in the Universe.

    The creation of these symbols are all created to maintain balance so that there is harmony between all levels–of the Mind, the Body, the Spirit–a balance in the planetary system, a balance in all creation, from the very cellular being of every thing, everything– the trees, the animals, the plants, the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, even in the evolution of man.

    There were those, who because of their own fears, interfered in the creation of man and their DNA.  But hidden and locked away within the cellular memory, within the DNA of humankind was a key to bring mankind back in alignment and into that symmetry of all creation.  And you are nearing your time when this key is going to be unlocked.  You’re going to begin to remember that you are, within yourselves, creators.

    That you are at the same time, creator and creation.  This too is a part of your divine birthright.  It is your crowning glory as it were.  And no matter whose little wills and egos want to change that, it cannot be changed, because the Creator created it as such to bring you back and bring you forward into another dimension and a new way of living, a new way of being.

    That thousand years of peace is at hand, Dearhearts.  It is at hand.

    So remember that when you paint that picture of your life, that you do have symmetry in “as above, so below”.  And that all is well with each and everyone of you.  Fear not, fear not, for you are loved.

The 11:11 Symbols


Empowers Respect for Mitakuye Owasin

Invokes Spiritual Community

Unifies Humanity Through Becoming One

  • This goes back to judgment as well.  There is Equality in all beings, no matter what race you are, no matter what your path is in life.  Whether you are a king or a beggar, whether you choose to come into a body for a very short time, or for a very long time.  There is Equality also in male and female.

    There has come a time now that male domination is not to be.  Your male essences are going to move forward in this time for their DNA will unlock the small feminine side of them and they will move into an understanding of femininity.

    Their third eyes will work better for them, they’ll be able to commune through their crown chakras even better.  It has been a part of the female always.  But the man no longer needs to fear the female in this.  For they too, now will have within them, that gift, that inner knowing.  It is the female that carried the Vibration of Love always.  For if there had not been this Vibration of Love, the children that were birthed would not have survived.  For it is innate within the mother to hold close to their womb and to the breast the infant, to ensure their survival.

    So man is now coming forward–that is not to say they will birth the children–but they are coming forward and they are also carrying that Vibration of Love.

    There will be Equality in all of this, so as man should not fear the power of a woman anymore, or to try to suppress it in anyway, ‘cause it will not work.  So all things of the Heart must be felt in the Mind, the Body and Spirit to help usher in the new way of living which encompasses an Equality in man and woman.

    Many of you will think of it as the Grandmothers speaking forward and coming forward now.  And the Grandfathers are to support this–in every way.  For Wisdom, the Knowledge, the Truth is there for everyone . . . to be shared equally.

The 11:11 Symbols


Heals Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Imbalances

Initiates Creative Energy for Manifesting

Steadies Evolution Through Grace and Strength

  • Well, I touched upon that one ever so slightly from the idea of thought and its creation.  It is energy.  It is movement.  And it is through this movement of the energies that you create.  The Universe is constantly in motion.  So why not create an emotion that encompasses Love?  Why not create emotion that encompasses Love?  For emotion is energy as well.

    Until you transend your physical bodies and the need for a physical body, you will have emotions to deal with.  For your emotions are part of you cellular being.  Do not deny those emotions, but guide and direct them through your thoughts of joy and happiness and Love.  You cannot afford a negative thought here in this matter.  For what you think at this very moment goes and out into the Universe and all of your thoughts are affecting other Universes.  They feel it.  And just as those from other Universes who are watching upon you on planet Earth, are transmitting their thoughts of Love and Oneness.  New doorways have been opened for this.  So all of creation can come together to create an even greater unity within the Universe.

    The Universal Law of Movement also encompasses science and the new sciences–the new thoughts–you see.  And these sciences cannot be seen with the naked eye.  They are interdimensional and your scientists are only beginning now to understand that.  And as the future goes on, the Universal Law of Movement will have a greater understanding by those who choose to view something scientifically, rather than spiritual.  But they are very closely related.

    We put this thought out there so that those who study physics will have a greater understanding of metaphysics (those things that are beyond physics) and the creation of new paradigms and the letting go of the old paradigms.  I hope that I have not confused you or sparked too many other questions in this matter.  But have given you this information to make you think about where you are in the Law of Creation and Movement; for they go hand in hand.


    We will not give you everything on a silver platter here for this book.  For we want you to search within yourself to find some of those answers.  It would be pretty pompous of us to say that we even here have all the answers to these Symbols of Creation.  But we do understand there is yet more to come yet in the future when you are ready to have those understandings.  And these things will be given to you at a later time.

    So we ask that you forgive us here if we do not give it to you all yet.  So you get a part of the apple pie, but not the whole pie.  If we give you the whole pie you might get a stomachache, ay?  A little indigestion here.

The 11:11 Symbols


Opens Doorways For Unification of Self

Golden Road of Health

Strengthens Through Divine Law

  • It is your divine birthright–all of these things.  And the very key to each and every one of these things is meditation, Dearhearts.  I cannot make it more simply and more clear than that.  If you wish to have clarity of who you are as a Spiritual Being, focus and center yourself in meditation, bridging homeward bound to the Creator.

    If you desire health and you listen to the higher consciousness, that you can reach and attain in meditation, you will know the answers for what you need for your own body to have health and to create health.

    When you are at peace with yourself, happiness follows all of these things.  Each of these things are a goal to work towards.  In order to have health and happiness, you must understand who you are as a Spiritual Being.  And once again it goes back to the perception of who you are and what you think that you need in your life.  If you think that you need to create for yourself an illness in order to prevent you from working at a job that you do not like, then you will have illness.  Or that you may create an illness so that you may get attention from another ‘cause you feel that you are not loved enough, then you will have illness.

    You unconscious accepts these ideas and thoughts that you may have and expresses itself as a truism for your self.  So if you want to be healthy and happy, then work with the unconscious part of the Mind and the creation.  And to let go of any thing that has been set deeply within the unconscious mind, that the unconscious accepts as a truth whether it is truth or not.  The truth of it is you do not need to have a body that is not well.  You have a right to happiness, but not at the expense of another.

    What is Happiness?  Is happiness having riches?  Is happiness having no responsibilities?  Is happiness having yourself surrounded with family and children?  Or is happiness serving another?


     (Long pause)

    If you are not at peace with all things within yourself and those around you, then happiness is not to be you, a part of you.

    You can cultivate happiness through thought.  And when you place your thoughts in a positive manner and guard against negative thoughts, thoughts that are enlightening to you and others as well, your world around you begins to feel it, to experience it, and to react to it.  And therefore, you create your happiness.

    So your happiness, Dearhearts, once again has to do with your perceptions and your beliefs.  Quite simply:  If you believe someone is making you unhappy or creating your world around you as to make you unhappy, then you will have it.  But you believe and see the good with all things you are experiencing with those around you, you’ll feel better about it deep within yourself.  And the others will feel it as well.  And then you have a shift.  Your perception has shifted and you have also helped others in the creation of their shift and their perception as well, you see.  You get exactly what you concentrate upon.

    So if you desire to concentrate upon enlightenment, it will be so.

The 11:11 Symbols


Grandmother’s Protection For Child, Etc.

Cultivates Purity, Innocence, and Truth

Opens Original Mind

  • Innocence, Dearheart, represents your Spiritual Self and the actions that you can create.  Let me make this more clear.  The foundation of your Spiritual Being is Innocence.  And by that we mean here, that you are, as a Spiritual Being, the purest of all things.  When you have innocence, there is no judgment.  When you have innocence you understand fully:  only Love.

    There is the innocence of the babe born.  It is by life’s experiences that it alters the innocence of this babe.  So in essence, you are a Divine Being.  But because you in some way, as humans are, accept those things in life that would form and create you into a pattern, it is a little like weaving your tapestry of your life by acceptance and by belief, that your innocence becomes lost, but is not gone.  It is always there.  For when you lose something, it is not completely gone; it is simply, out of sight or out of mind.  (Do you understand?)  So the innocence of you is still there.

    Your family helps you in the understanding of this innocence.  Your family is what agreed for you to enter into this plane, this Earth plane.  And it is by this agreement that the family teaches one another.  Now I am speaking of the family by which you are born into, but on a greater whole, you are a family universally as well.  You are all connected.  You are all one, no matter what your race is, what your creed is.  And this innocence is there as a unity and as a whole for all.  This purity is there.  Always has been, Dear Ones.

    And now is the time for the remembering and the return to this innocence and purity of Love.

    So let not your experiences cloud your memories of your innocence.

    Remember who you are as Divine Creations.

The 11:11 Symbols


Law Through Spiritual Discernment

Brings One Into Right Relationship with Family

Shield of the Fathers Heart

  • This has more to do with discernment here.  The Protection is for you always.  It is given to you to use, as you see fit.  But only if you feel that you need it.  For once again, it goes back to belief.  There is no right or wrong in the scheme of things here.  But in order to align your Will, (and now we are going back to the use of Free Will again), one must use discernment–discernment of Spirit, discernment of Truth.

    The power within you is your protection.  And it can be used for many different things.  For power is power.  For you can use it to cause harm to another or you can use it to create good for another, or for yourselves.

    So listen with your hearts.  Always.  Love those who would not understand your path of enlightenment.  But it does not mean that you have to follow everyone.  For each has their own path to walk, their own tapestry to weave in their lifetime or lifetimes.

    While you be the sum total of all of your experiences, by using discernment, you can shift your perception and align your Will to the Will of the Creator.

    So your Protection may be used by you, as you see fit.  It is there for each and everyone of you.  There are many in many different realms ready to assist you in this protection that serve purposely for this Divine Law.  You may think of them as your angels, your Spirit guides, etc.  But this Protection comes to you in many different forms–from the Spirit of animals to angelic hosts, to your extraterrestrial friends.  It comes in many different forms.  And it is for you to use your discernment as to which serves you and those around you the best way.

    If something does not feel right to you, within you, in the very core of your being, simply do not accept, bless it, thank it for coming to you and then be about your business.


    So do not forget that within your discernment, you must also honor that which is not your path.  For there is no right or wrong.

    When you hear from many groups that their way is the only way, bless them, and leave them to their belief, for there are many different directions and paths on your way home to the Creator.

The 11:11 Symbols


Invokes Butterfly Medicine

Reinvigorates Stagnant Life Cycles

Great Mystery Symbol

  •   There are many ways that one can view change.  Mother Earth has her changes in the four seasons, ay?  The human body goes through changes from infancy to elderly and then to death.  There is a change of the presence of the soul being here and then into another dimension at death and then returning again into the physical body when the time is chosen.

    But the most important thing in the Law of Change, since you have the right to change, to make a difference for yourself, make a change in your belief, your perceptions, to go in any direction that you choose to go:  North, South, East or West.  For when you have change, what you may have to save to be in the wrong direction may the right direction when you change into a different direction.  Going the one direction does not necessarily mean that it is wrong, but that it helps you in the perception of things if you are going in a different direction.  Different scenery.  Let’s put it that way.

    So change helps you to grow both Spiritually, physically, mentally.  Change helps you to grow in the Mind, the Body and the Spirit.  On many different levels, change is important.

    Change also has to do with the evolution of the planetary systems as well.  They’re all interconnected.  Astrologically, they have effects on you physical well being, ay?  Or even your mental well being.  As you well know, when different planets are in position with one another, it has an effect on you.  Many of you are concerning yourselves with the Mercury Retrogrades, ay?  It’s serving a purpose.  ‘Twas designed that way.  Keeps you on your toes, Hmm?  The change is growth in whatever form you wish to see it as.  Nothing ever stays the same.  There’s constant change all the time.  Some things you readily recognize in change and others you do not notice that it has happened at all.  So indeed, change is growth.

    Aren’t you glad you are growing and changing?


    You are not what you were when you first began in this body.  And tomorrow you will not be the same as you are today.  It is growth.  Yes, it is.  It makes life an adventure, does it not?  But, being in the moment, not worrying about what was in the past or what you are going to become in the future brings a sense of peace within yourself. So, we would suggest also the understanding of be here now.  Be in the moment.  Change will come as it will, when it needs to.  Cannot force it.  For if you do, you create in yourself and those around you a little bit of disturbances.  So be here now in the moment.

    Let your issues of control be set aside.  What was it that was said in your sixties, “Go with the flow,” hmm?

The 11:11 Symbols


Assists Sacred Path

Awakens Higher Mind

Directs Evolution Into Spirit

  • The most important aspect of the being within you, in your Spiritual Growth is a consciousness level known as the subconscious.  The subconscious is your motivator.  It is the driving force within you.  You could liken it to the gasoline that runs the engine, you see.  And when you feed the engine the proper kind of gasoline, it runs much better.  So, in order for you to run that engine, you must feed it the spiritual food that it desires to motivate it into a higher consciousness.  (Sounds a little silly, I know, but it is an analogy here.)

    The entire planetary system by which Mother Earth is involved or a part of, Mother Earth serves the purpose and assists and aids humanity in their Spiritual Growth.

    One must have three things in order to do this:

                   1)  The Mind, (a part of it is the subconscious),

                   2)  The Body and,

                   3)  The Spirit–your essence, the core of your being.

    When each of these things work in unity, in harmony one with the other, and you have the Spiritual energies flowing, you make a connection to higher understanding within.

    The ultimate goal for each one and their experiences of life, their lessons in life, as it were, the journey that they choose to go on, the ultimate aim or goal, is to grow Spiritually–to find your way home to Creator.

    Many of you will go on many different trips and many different paths.  Some will choose adventurous trips.  Some will choose a more difficult time–making that path a little difficult to climb over those hills and carrying a backpack on their shoulders that would be so heavy to carry in there.  Others come to choose to serve only.  Others choose to come to be self-serving.  Does it make any one of these wrong or right?  It matters not.  For each that choose that path is correct for that one who walks that path–be it the man who has the richest of riches or the man who is the beggar in the streets.  Each is serving their Spiritual Growth in their own way.  And their ultimate goal is:  to recognize the Creator within themselves.


    That is all that was ever the purpose for you to grow Spiritually:  is to have a shift in the perception of who you are.

    And when you have that shift in those perceptions, let go of your past.  Let go of the judgment of yourselves and others around you.  Leave behind the very things that you would believe is necessary to hold you back.  For, it lies within the belief, Dearhearts. . . . Belief. . . . For when you believe that you are one with the Creator, you create it.  You make it so.  If you believe in yourself as a Spiritual Being, then it is so. . . . (long pause) . . . If you believe that there is no separation from all creation, then you make it so. . . . (long pause) . . . So, believe in the Light.  Believe in the Universal Oneness of all Creation.

    Let not your thoughts be your servant.  Let your belief and the Light of Love be your servant–to yourself as well as to others.  For it is with your thought that you can change everything in an instant.  So align your thought to thoughts of Love and Oneness with all things.

The 11:11 Symbols


Evokes Visionary Experience

Invokes Cosmic Judges to Resolve Interdimensional Issues

Balances Karma and Aligns Sacred Path

  • Judgment serves a purpose in its own way.  You have heard “judge not lest you be judged”.  It is the Law of Cause and Effect that comes into the picture here.  What you put out, you get back–quite simply.  And if you judge another, you will be judged.  The Law of Karma also is involved in this Universal Law.

    When you judge another, you are judging yourself as well.  For what is within you, that you see in another is how it is.  It is a reflection, a mirror, if you will, of what you are and what still exists within you.  For you cannot judge it, if it does not exist within you, it is not a part of your being.

    Judgment is your teacher.  You can transform judgment through transforming your thoughts.  We have discussed the use of thought before.  Once again, keep your thoughts in a positive manner.  See the good in all things.  Even those things that you feel are not correct, are indeed correct for what is necessary to be experienced.  There is no right or wrong.  Every moment of your life is true and correct for what you need to experience, even if it falls in the category of judgment–judgment of yourself, judgment of another.  But through changing your thought, in an instant, you can undo a judgment or transform judgment.

    When you allow the Light of the Creator to flow through you constantly, where you are a part of the Higher Self and maintain your thoughts in the form of the High Self, you are expressing the Divine Energy of the Creator.  And in that time and in that space there can be no judgment.

    So your ultimate goal here, Dear Ones, is to walk in the Light with constancy.  There you will feel Freedom.  You will feel Joy.  You will feel Love.  You will be at Peace with all things no matter what occurs in your life or lifetimes.

     Let there be judgment no more.

    Let Peace reign upon Earth and all the Universe.

The 11:11 Symbols


Invokes Cycles of Cause and Effect

Opens Doorways To Transcend And Transmute

The Mirror of Self

  • Karma is a belief.  There are realms were Karma does not exist.  But in the realm of humanity, in the human condition as it is, all of you felt that there was a need to experience the retribution for acts, thoughts, words, deeds, so you created a dichotomy within yourselves between good and evil.  And that justice must be served when one believed that there is such a thing as evil or an evil deed.  And that it would come back to you and that you must serve and pay for your deeds.

    Remember this:  it is a belief.  For in an instant, you can undo Karma through your perception and through forgiveness.  And forgiveness must come from both ways from the who did the deed and the one who is the receiver of this deed.

    Each of you are actors in this game of life, you are all upon a stage, as it were, playing out this wonderful little game.  This game can have many acts or parts to it, scenes to it, etc., etc..  Each act could be a lifetime, each scene could be your experiences in that lifetime that are teaching you, guiding you, preparing you for even greater things to come.  And for some reason you have decided to title this play:  The Law of Karma.  But on another dimension, another time, another place, another space, you will, in the future, have no need for Karma and that drama that comes with it.

    Pretty good that you have something wonderful to look forward to, hmm?         

    So lift up your hearts, Dear One, and do not let your hearts hold on to fear and anger, that there are injustices or that there is wrongdoing.  Let forgiveness guide you in all of your deeds, that understanding be a part of you.

    For, when there is understanding and forgiveness, you are undoing Karma.

The 11:11 Symbols


Opens Inner Eye

Promotes Multidimensional Understanding

Aligns Self to Universal Truth

  • Perception and Intuition are very closely related here.  But your perception has to do with your belief as well.  As you perceive it to be may be different than the one next to you may perceive it to be.  It is literally how you allow it to flow in and how you discern it, how you accept it, and how your ego fits into this.

    If the ego is in control, your perception can be clouded with the whole truth.  You may have glimpses of it, parts of it.  But when you are in your ego, your perception and understanding is not complete.  So your perception is a viewpoint.  You are a sum total of all the things you experienced, not just in this lifetimes, but other lifetimes.  And these things, these experiences help you to create your perception of things, your understanding.

    So, when you do your healing work and begin to recognize when it is your ego that is in control, rather than your High Self being in control, your perception of the Truth becomes clear.  The less baggage that you carry, the clearer the perception of things as it is, the Truth as it is.  And the result of that is, is that you intuition is clear.

The 11:11 Symbols


The Prophets Mark

Directs Movement of Time

Opens Doorways of Grandfathers

  • Ah!  The Gift of Prophecy.  This one can be very confusion, confusing to many.  For you have Free Will and you have the ability to change what you perceive to be the future.  Yes, prophecy is a gift.  Prophecy is interdimensional, transcending time and space to see into the future what is about to occur.  But your future can change in an instant by your own actions, by your own choices.

    And as you move closer and closer into your fifth dimensional being, prophecy will become more and more difficult, prediction will be difficult.  But it is also a gift given to you to use at your discretion.  But, know this, that you also must have clarity within yourself, purity within yourself, within your Mind, your Body, and your Spirit in order for your prophecies to be exact.

    Your focus has a great deal to do with your prophecies.  Your wishes and desires, your fears, may cloud your prophecies.  So the ego must be set aside–wholly and totally–in order to be a clear prophet.

    There have been many great prophets in the past and there are many great prophets who now exist on the Earth plane.  These prophets serve to help you understand how you create your environment, your world, both inner and outer worlds.  They are there to serve, to help you to make the connection that was lost long ago.

    When you hear of prophecies, a prediction, listen with your heart and use discernment, use your own intuition, use the Law of Protection, use the Laws of Free Will as to whether or not you will accept their predictions as your truth.

    That does not mean that you judge them if you do not accept it, but simply say, “Thank you for your information,” and then let it go.  Remember to choose Love in every aspect of this Universal Law of Prophecy.  For this Law tests your faith.  And for some of you, you will test yourselves in this matter.

    So, quite simply, if it does not feel right to you, do not accept it.  Bless it, thank it, and let it go.

The 11:11 Symbols


The Straight Path

Awakens Human Light Centers and Attunes To Galactic Center

Reconnect Lifeline to Great Central Sun

  • It has to do with you as a Creator and bringing forward life that chooses to embody as life as you know it.  This law also encompasses all of the Universes and their own creation and ways of creation.

    There are those who would choose to create life in a different manner, in a different form than what you have.  But those of Earth have chosen to have a body as a part of their life.  But there would be those who would not have a body at all and still have life.  They can have form or they can be formless.

    But in truth, each of these things, though they may be different, in the creation of it, all have the same spark that came from Creator–Creator Sun.  So honor all life to its fullest.  Take not a life from another, not even in sacrifice.  For it is time now to let go of sacrifice of other things in order to maintain your beliefs.  Honor those lives of all creation, from the tiniest of beetles to the greatest thing that exists, whether it be an elephant or another being from another planetary system or a child before birth.  Honor all things and honor the choice of life.

    This does not mean that you cannot eat to support the body, for there are those who chose to give their life to you, that you may support your body and they give it to you with Love.  But do not forget to give the thanks to these things that give life to you, because they gave their life to you.

    So the Blessings of Life and the Giving of Thanks for the wonderful blessings that are being given to you are of importance.  But never, never take a life, cause you think it is going to serve your purpose in some way.

    There are many kingdoms of the Creator.  Some you are aware of and some you are not.  But these kingdoms each serve a purpose in the creation of life.  Honor and bless each kingdom and give thanks in prayer.  By doing this you are expressing Love and Unity and Acceptance for things.

The 11:11 Symbols


Portals Manifesting Energy

Messenger Symbol for LightWeb

Opens Gates of Future Possibility

  • It goes back to honoring Free Will, does it not?  That is the main Law, the main gift that was given to you from the Creator.  And so you have Choices that you can make, quite simple, isn’t it?

    You can even choose the dimension you wish to live in, or be a part of, or exist in.  And coming with Choice is the responsibility for one’s actions.  When you make a Choice, whatever it is, you are responsible for what you have created and chosen to do.  Blame not another if it does not go well for you with your Choice.  For you and you alone created that Choice.

    The respect, the Choices that each make.  Judge not the Choices that one makes.  But understand how your Choices affect another, even through your thought.  Yes, you have within you, the responsibility of thought.  It is a Choice as well.  And understand how your thoughts are words that affect another.  Take responsibility for your thoughts.

    And once again, let your thoughts be of Love.  Let your thoughts be the basis of Love.  Let me rephrase that.  Let your thoughts be based in Love.

    Live not in the past.  Do not worry about the future, but be in this moment.  For it is of the utmost importance to be in the moment.  For when you are in the moment, it is easier to create Love in your life, to cultivate it.

    Let your Choice be Love.

The 11:11 Symbols


The Power to Be

Harmony in Light Relations

Invokes the Flame Imperishable

  • Your Mother Earth plays a big part in the Universal Law of Nature.  There is the change of seasons, each serving a time, a time of growth, a time of birth, a time of rest, a time of change.  And all the Plant and Animal Kingdoms serve this law willingly and lovingly.

    Each of these things act as a connector to the Creator.  Without Nature you would not understand the Creator.  For when you see Nature in action, you are seeing one of the divine aspects of the Creator.  So it helps you to understand all life, all creation from the very tiniest of molecules to the grandest of Universes to the Cosmic Realm if you will.

    When you gaze at a flower, at first you can smell it, feel it with your senses, look at it, see it with your eyes, and see the beauty of it.  Then as you concentrate upon that flower, you feel yourself drawn to the energy of the flower and you become to become one with that flower.  Then soon you are the flower as the flower is you.  And when you can make that connection, you are understanding Nature as a Universal whole, a Universal Oneness.

The 11:11 Symbols


Direct and to the Point

Sponsors Soul Evolution

Invokes Light Protection

  • This is basically a repeat of a similar law:  The Law of Protection for the Family.  It encompasses all things again.  It, once again, is one of your birthrights, that if you ask for Protection, if it is in your prayer, it will be there.  But believe it is there for you.  If there is any doubt in your mind, any fear in your mind that you do not have this protection, then you create for yourself.  What you believe and what you feel, you will bring to yourself.

    So if you desire protection, keep it in the highest of thoughts that it does exist around you.  And always give thanks for those who would serve and protect you.

    If you believe that you are to be ill, you will be ill.  If you believe you have a need to be ill, you will be ill.  If you allow your emotions, the negative emotions (let’s put it that way), to be in control of thoughts, your physical body responds to it.  You simply are what you think.

    So your emotions can be toxic to your physical body.  But you can overcome each of these through the belief in the Divine Perfection within yourself.  Protection and the Law of Protection and Perfection go hand in hand.

    Once again, your thoughts are very, very important in what you create for yourself.  So, in order to maintain that Shield of Protection, you must maintain your thoughts in the highest vibration in that Law.

The 11:11 Symbols


Sponsors and Protects Life Transitions

Essence of Happiness and Life

The Eye of Understanding

  • This is the Greatest Law of them all.  This is just my opinion here, I would want you to know that, but it is an even higher law than the Law of Free Will.  For that is what all creation is, is based in Love.

    No one can escape it.  In some form or another, you will experience Love.  There are many different perceptions of what Love is.  But Love is not in control of another.  Love is not what you think would be, that another would be doing.  Love is beyond description.  It is an emotion.  It is a feeling.  Love is not an animate object.  It cannot be set here in your lap and say, “This is Love.”

    Love encompasses many things.  Love expresses itself in many different forms.  But when Love comes from the highest of vibration, it can only create Joy, a sense of Peace, and Happiness within.  Love truly is letting go and letting all things be in their Divine Order.  Many would misinterpret that type of Love as: “But you don’t love me.” “You’re not here for me.” “You are not doing this for me or doing that for me.”  That is not what Love is.

    Love is letting go and allowing each one the choice for themselves but to give of your heart–wholly and perfectly.  Love is trust.  There is no judgment where there is Love.  Where there is forgiveness, there is Love.  Where there is acceptance, there is Love.

    When you are expressing Love, you are expressing the Creator through you, for you were created out of Love.

The 11:11 Symbols


Rays Healing Energy

Opens Healing Portals

Invokes Spirit of Healing

  • Each of you have the ability within you to transform and recreate anything in your Body, your Mind or your Spirit.  It is this energy source that is created through thought, through emotion, through the Divine Connection, the source of Light, the source of the Creator that allows you to be able to heal either ones self or others, or animals or plants.  For the body is attuned to a vibration that it responds to, as does plants and animals.  It is this vibration that alters and can heal.

    Working with the subconscious part of the Mind, also is a key to healing.  For you are what you believe you are.  You are what you think.  And there are certain things that are literally accepted by the unconscious.  And when you can change the belief at the deepest levels of your unconscious, a transformation takes place within the Body, and a healing takes place.

    So those who are in the deepest of prayer, the deepest of meditation are open to receive and to alter at a very deep level within the core of your being.  It is when you are also most receptive to the Spiritual energies that are there to serve in healing you and others.  It can be done from a distance as well.

    The transmission of these energies when you are in this state of grace, a state of being, and it is accepted (and here is a key word here:  accepted) by the unconscious as the Truth, as a truism, transformation begins to take place.

    If you believe that you need this illness, no matter how much one would want the healing, the Law of Free Will comes back into place, and it will not happen.  So the receiver of these Spiritual Healing Energies must be open to change and willing to accept it as a part of their very being, the deepest part of their unconscious being.

    The more that you have freed yourself from all things that would create fear  within yourself, the better you are as a servant to heal others.  Each of you have it within you to do this.  There are no exceptions,  It too, is a part of your Divine Birthright.

    Know your ego fits into this.

    If the ego is in control, your perception can be clouded with the whole truth.  You may have glimpses of it, parts of it.  But when you are in your ego, your perception and understanding is not complete.  So your perception is a viewpoint.  You are a sum total of all the things you experienced, not just in this lifetimes, but other lifetimes.  And these things, these experiences help you to create your perception of things, your understanding.

    So, when you do your healing work and begin to recognize when it is your ego that is in control, rather than your High Self being in control, your perception of the Truth becomes clear.  The less baggage that you carry, the clearer the perception of things as it is, the Truth as it is.  And the result of that is, is that you intuition is clear as well.  So they go hand in hand, one balances the other.