Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

  August 12, 13, 14, 2016

Estes Park

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Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference


Teacher of The Star Ways, Chief Golden Light Eagle is one of the “original code carriers” of Turtle Island (North America). Nakota Sundance Chief Golden Light Eagle, is a member of the Nakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota, a spiritual advisor, and one of the seven Sundance Chiefs of the Yankton Nakota.  Through years of prayer and ceremony, with a group of spiritual teachers, he has brought forth interpretations of the Star Laws.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Michael Lee Hill

Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. The phenomena consists almost entirely of ‘Pulsating orb’s of light”—unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous North American Indian Tribes.


Meeting the Anunnaki and the connection to the “Mound Builders” In depth talk on what it was like to meet the Anunnaki and what I learned from them.

MLH Q&A A chance to talk candidly and answer any questions on the Lake Erie UFO’s, The Anunnaki, And the Mound Builders.

In depth talk The Lake Erie UFO’s and what I have learned from the highest sources on these Orbs of Light UFO’s.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Laura Eisenhower

Laura is a Cosmic Mythologist, Global Alchemist and Clairvoyant Healing Practitioner, and is also the great-granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to reveal our true origins connected with the ‘Magdalene’ and ‘Gaia-Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom and works to liberate us from false power structures. She brings attention to our hidden Ancient History and this Ascension process we are living, as our solar system is aligned with the Galactic plane, giving us the opportunity to expand into Higher Earth energies.
Lecture overview: Cosmic Gaia Sophia

Workshop 1:  Sacred Union Activations and Initiations 

In this workshop, Laura will be discussing the 13th gate and 13th Zodiac sign, the Mother energies and Christ Consciousness and how it connects to our DNA.  She will talk about the journey of the divine feminine throughout Mythology and how it connects to Global transformation and the Venus transits  She will help us to become familiar with the activations and initiations that are necessary to be conscious of, which are bringing us into higher Earth energies.  Laura will be joined by a musician friend, Taryn Scudder, who is a brilliant singer, and can open us up to vocal yoga and sound healing.  

Workshop 2:  The Human Vessel and Ascension

In this workshop Laura will be talking about what we are experiencing on a physical level, as we are going through this profound window period called a Stellar Activation Cycle.  She will talk about the 5 elements, soul alchemy and high frequencies coming in and ways we can align with the organic energies of our Soul matrix and Nature, so that can activate our DNA and move into higher Earth energies.  We will discuss the challenges we are up against like the Transhumanism agenda, Artificial intelligence and the continual 3-D traps. 

Workshop 3:  Galactic Consciousness and Claiming Victory

This lecture will help us to get more familiar with our divine blueprint, Earth Grids, Chakras, DNA, archetypes, ET races, asteroid influences and the zodiac.  This lecture will assist us to have more clarity on the distortions, reversals, social engineering, weather modification and mind-control that exists, making it difficult to achieve DNA upgrades.  This will help us  to overcome these obstacles and will help us to prepare our human vessel for what is to come and what is here now, as we embrace the priority of achieving unity consciousness, balance of M/F and our true potential.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Rosemary the Celtic Lady

Rosemary The Celtic Lady™ Is Founder of the American, Canadian & UK Associations of Psychics & Healers. Which are now all a part of Global Psychics & Healers. She is a world renowned Psychic Medium & Medical Intuitive, Minister, Motivational & Inspirational Speaker, Teacher and Author of 2 books. She is also an Ambassador for Peace for the UPF (Universal Peace federation) and was an honored guest at an International United Nations Conference in May of 2005, Cairo Egypt) Rosemary has been communicating with beings from other dimensions since she was a child. May19th this year she asked them for photographic proof of what they look like. These beings decided she was worthy of this honor and asked her to share with others so that they may know what they look like when they appear before the masses.

Workshop Details:

Are you ready to learn to heal yourself from all physical spiritual, mental & emotional traumas? Are you ready to help others? Loved ones, friends or family members? It is time to raise your vibration to the highest level you can while you live on this earth. In doing so your spirit becomes the purest vibration it can be. You will learn to raise that vibration as we go through a “Vibratory Shift” with this planet. As you do this! You can learn to heal from all illnesses. Remember we all have the ability within us to heal ourselves. Rosemary has learned these techniques from her guide Joshua and has also learned much more from the Galactic beings that have been communicating with her since she was a very small child.

In this workshop she will give you some very basic essentials to take away with you, so that you too may raise your vibration to the highest level you can while being here on earth. She will help you reconnect with the light being! That you already are! To remember all that you can be! Help you recconect with beings beyond this dimension so they may assist you with your life journey.

I find my work at this stage to be very exciting right now, because of its effectiveness in quickly releasing and transforming people lives. It helps them release long-held emotional, mental and physical blockages. In doing so this becomes a truly emotionally based experience that can be learned and easily practiced! The emotional connection to this moment now helps you connect with the past thus releasing all that does not benefit you now! Helping you understand yourselves and others at a much deeper level.  Once you master your abilities in this field you will find you are able to manifest your vision and create wealth, health and happiness in your lives. Bringing you much closer to your true authentic self! Stepping into a true Spiritual Awakening! That of an enlightened being!

www.RosemaryTheCelticLady.com       1-970 586 3565     Email: Rosemary@RosemryTheCelticLady.com


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Jen Berryhill

(Hinhan To Was’te Win – Beautiful Blue Owl Woman)

Jen attended her first Star Knowledge Conference in 2010 and became an instant subscriber to the use of the Symbols.  She has greatly benefited from the teachings of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan which quickly accelerated her Spiritual Awakening.   Now the Event Coordinator for the Star Knowledge Conference, Jen is working with the Universal Law of Unity to bring loving hearts together to share the latest information and wisdom and prophecy of our time.   Jen will also be on the Women’s Panel sharing wisdom of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine dance and Sacred Relationship.


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Joan Tromp and Ginny Tromp

“The Twins” will be sharing wisdom of the Divine Femenine and Divine Masculine on the women’s panel

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Eunjung Choi

A gifted intuitive, spirit coach and interpreter of multi-dimensional frequencies, Eunjung has been assisting people around the world over the past decade to awaken to their multi-dimensional realities and enable them to reclaim their creative power through individual sessions, workshops and light language transmissions. She is passionate about helping people clear limiting beliefs and obstructing energies, transform challenges into blessed opportunities and ultimately make conscious choices to live the most magical, abundant and exhilarating life available. As an equally dedicated planetary lightworker committed to anchoring the New Earth paradigm of oneness, love and harmony on the planet, Eunjung journeyed to numerous sacred sites and power spots in over 35 countries and facilitated ceremonies, retreats and sacred journeys together with her partner Yves Nager.

Workshop: Introduction to the Akashic Field Therapy: Healing and Transformation across Time Lines

Eunjung will talk about the Akashic field and how energies from different timelines and multi-dimensional realities can affect our daily life here and how we can transform past traumas in the now moment. We are all powerful creator beings of pure divine light coming from the same Creator and All-That-Is. But when we view and experience ourselves through the mirror called life events, traumas, blockages, and false beliefs etc can leave stains and smears on the mirror preventing us from seeing the beautiful true identity of ourselves. Through AFT, a profound tool of quantum healing and transformation, one can be freed of these traumatic energies, start to allow the full potential of positive growth and our soul’s true expressions, rediscover one’s authentic self and start creating the life our heart desires. 

At the end, we will do Akashic Field Therapy group healing focused on Abundance.

Website: www.latriaterranova.com

Youtube: www.youtube.com/latriaterranova


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Grandmother Mary Lightweaver

Grandmother Mary Lightweaver is an ancient healing dance practitioner, Sundancer, massage therapist, ordained minister, earth guardian, and sometimes clown.


Grandmother Mary will focus on using the 11:11 Symbols to activate, enhance and maintain your individual sacred gift, as we all move forward during this time of ASCENSION.  There will be a group healing as Grandmother Mary is Spirit guided in an sacred ancient dance along with healing tones, clearing energetic blockages and aligning the chakras as she weaves the love light of Creator.

In addition to her workshop, Grandmother will also be available for private sessions during the conference.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Grant Gentry Hicks

Grant Gentry Hicks is a mystical intuitive, spiritual messenger, healer and teacher who helps others access their own multi-dimensional consciousness through Chinese Medicine, singing, and offers a 7 dimensional card deck he handmade and designed. He offers consciousness and healing classes, as well as providing soul treatments to ease peoples’ pain at various centers. Grant offers a new paradigm of metaphysical healing, one grounded in the ancient arts and resonant to the heavenly cosmic energies now available for human consciousness expansion. This work is an integration of mathematics, spirituality, energy healing, channeled information, and real-time experience on Earth. Through multi-dimensional healing treatments, you can experience pain-relief and a true journey with access to forgotten, displaced, or repressed elements of your soul body. As a part of the play-work, I also provide metaphysical access, couched in relatively simple language, to the reflection of the geometry of the universe within your energetic being. As above, so below. By getting to an understanding of the power of the point, we can travel through 7-dimensional portals anywhere, anywhen, to help you remember who you really are, especially in this time of the Great Shift in Earth-human evolution. Previously, Grant was an actor and also studied Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine at Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Workshop Title: Uniting Divine Masculine and Feminine Within: Focus on Accessing Star Gifts

We will access universal consciousness keys together through the magic of the Infinity Consciousness Card Deck.  Through the energy of inspired sharing, we will look at our shadow and its hidden gift for connecting to the stars.  We will begin with a short honoring ceremony and end with free musical expression and dance.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Bobbie Jo Kuhl

Bobbie Jo Kuhl is the owner of Into The Mystic Healing & Arts, a Holistic Wellness Center located in downtown Golden, Co. This healing house offers a wide range of amazingly talented practitioners, a Metaphysical Treasure Shop, Organic Juice Bar and a Sensory Deprivation Float Pod. She is a Certified Massage Therapist, Psychic Intuitive, Channeler,  Osho Zen Tarot Reader,  and performs several variations of energy work.

She had an intense spiritual awakening in 2014 when Ascended Master Thoth started channeling through her. Thoth has been present regularly since 2014 and has helped to teach of his infinite wisdom. Thoth’s energy opened the door for several other ascended masters and star beings to bring in powerful healing messages . She realized her soul mission on this planet during a past life regression where she re-experienced her trip to Earth.   During the regression she remembered how to attain a merkaba and then was flying to this planet. She noticed Earth smelled like infection, this confirmed that she was here to help heal the land.  Part of accomplishing this mission involves educating the masses about the importance of  living from a heart centered space. She believes that when you truly love yourself, your love spreads to everyone and everything.  When you take better care of yourself, you will take better care of the planet.

“I, Thoth, the Atlantean, give of my wisdom, give of my knowledge, give of my power. Freely I give to the children of men. Give that they, too, might have wisdom to shine through the world from the veil of the night. Wisdom is power and power is wisdom, one with each other, perfecting the whole.”- The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Workshop Topic

Guided Merkaba Meditation w/ Messages From Thoth

This workshop will begin with a guided Merkaba meditation where I get to hold space to take you on a far out journey!  We will ask that all blockages be removed, primarily from the solar plexus. This meditation will raise each of you to a higher vibration. Once we reach the proper vibration, I will channel Ascended Master Thoth and he will open each persons heart chakra. I was guided by Thoth to focus on the solar plexus because that is the chakra that has the most influence on the heart. To receive these messages your solar plexus and heart must be fully open. When the heart chakra is open, you will be filled with wisdom, love and guidance to remembering your higher self.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Sheldon Bird

As the son of world-famous performer Jackie Bird, Sheldon Bird continues the legacy of creativity and inspiration through his art and music.  After several experiences with Blue Avians, Mirikee Deer People, and other higher dimensional beings, he has connected many dots to give humanity a clearer message about what it means to be yourself and respect all others. The Mirikee have given him a vivid image of their currently little-known Pleaidian culture, so he will be presenting what he knows about them and much more!

Workshop:  Singing a Sanctuary into Existence

In this workshop, Sheldon will be teaching and performing galactic/light languages and music. He will work one-on-one with those who wish to learn how to open up to speaking the languages of the heart, as well as having a fun and playful time making music to amplify those wonderful energies! These languages have many benefits for the mental/emotional health of those who speak it, so join Sheldon to feel for yourself!

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Anara Whitebear and Chris Katsaropoulos

Anara Whitebear and Chris Katsaropoulos open portals of connection to multidimensional Star Beings through channeled sound. They are the founders of Light Tribe, an international community of Lightservers, Starseeds, Human Angels, Wayshowers, Gridworkers, Empaths, and Healers, for the purpose of receiving higher teachings and new frequencies through star beings and Sacred Sound. Anara was born a Sound Shaman, Intuitive Healer, Channel and Empath. Chris is a Chant Master with an intuitive understanding of Spirit at the highest levels. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including four critically-acclaimed novels, Entrevoir, Antiphony, Fragile and Unilateral, as well as Complex Knowing, the first collection of his poetry. Together, as Light Tribe, Anara and Chris bring the highest frequencies of love and light for sacred healing and new levels of Spiritual knowing.

Main Presentation:  Opening Portals of Connection to Multidimensional Star Beings

This is a powerful intensive to open portals of connection to multidimensional Star Beings through channeled sound. Anara and Chris open vortexes and wormholes to the highest dimensions through the Language of Light, helping those who are on the path to Mastery understand that you are truly a Being of Light – a magnificent Light Being!! Experience consciousness expansion and deep understanding of your true nature through the channeling of Sacred Sound from the Star Beings by Anara and Chris, an experience you will not want to miss!!

Workshop 1: Opening the Andromedan Portal of Light

Anara and Chris open the Andromedan Portal of Light through the channeling of Sacred Sound from the Andromedan Star Beings, connecting you to the highest aspects of your True Self. Experience the power of connection with the Andromedans, multidimensional Star Beings who merge with us to activate our energy bodies, download next-level information, and channel the wisdom of the Highest.

Workshop 2: Merging with Star Beings

Anara and Chris talk with you about their experiences merging with many different types of multidimensional Star Beings, including Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, the Hathors, beings from Aldebaran, Rigel and many more. The merging and contact Chris and Anara experience happens through opening portals with Sacred Sound and other energetic practices, and often happens spontaneously, when least expected. Experience techniques of consciousness expansion that can help you contact and merge with the Star Beings!

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Anouk Sophia

Anouk Sophia, Priestess, Writer, Sound Practitioner has lived in the UK and Southern France in the last few years, studying sound and researching the blood lines of the Grail through legend and the royal houses of Europe and beyond in search for the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. The Magdalene path and their legacy as carriers of light codes, led her into Womb Wisdom and teaching the power of the Voice. Druid Isles, Cathar castles, initiation caves, Templar churches and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland as well as investigating the connection to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. Following waterways, sacred springs and listening to the stones, caves and mountains, for the remembrance on sacred Earth, the illuminations of Sophia as a planetary body and activation of the Truth Matrix, the divine union in all of us. She is writing a book on sacred union, the gift of sacred sexuality and returning to oneness.

WORKSHOP TOPIC: The Mirror – The Sword – The Chalice – The Stones

Alchemical Marriage – Zero Point codex – Restoration of Relationship – Origin – ChristSophia. The birthing of the new Divine Human for this generation and beyond and beyond…  This will be a dynamic group exploration!
Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Dr. Dream

As an entrepreneur, humanitarian, holistic healing practitioner and international speaker, Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler, has over 20 years experience guiding, mentoring and empowering students, organizations, and corporations in building, reaching and sustaining their full potential, on all levels. From presenting at Total Solar Eclipse Festivals and Burning Man, ceremonies at Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat and Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, to his weekly radio broadcasts, Dr. DREAM has assisted the journeys of thousands of incredible beings on their path of transformation. Since January 2010, Dr. DREAM has traveled to 105+ cities and facilitated more than 185 events around the world. Dr. DREAM wholeheartedly agrees with Les Brown: “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Workshop: Bringing Grace and Ease to This Human Experience

Dr. DREAM brings his perspective on how to live at the highest level with grace and ease. Learn how life is a “frequency game”. What are the energies that are being called forth right now? Join Dr. DREAM for this energetic and interactive  workshop!


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Garrett Duncan

Garrett Duncan was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father).  Due to his Navajo heritage, Garrett has always encompassed his spiritual upbringing into his everyday life.  At a young age, Garrett listened to the stories told by his grandparents and their teachings that reflected their cultural knowledge, and he was fascinated with the myths and legends of the Diné — who conduct ceremonies to restore health and overall well being.  Their philosophy is based on the concept of Sá’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhó.  “in long life and everlasting beauty”.   Many of the prayers and songs encompass a dualistic philosophy. Sá’ah Naagháí translates to “long life” but from a philosophical standpoint, it represents the male concept of duality — the warrior & the protector.  Ceremonies conducted from this aspect are used to provide protection but also to “attack” certain ailments — to channel energies to be directed and attack that particular ailment so that the patient can heal.  The Diné traditional way of healing encompasses all aspects of the human body in order to restore health and harmony of the individual. Garrett’s a shamanic teacher and healing facilitator.  Currently, he has embraced his abilities and learned to channel universal energy to assist those in need.  He considers himself a “modern day” medicine man.
In beauty, it is finished


Introduction to Shamanic Essences: Establishing your Shamanic Resonance
This workshop will debut the Shamanic essence line created in collaboration between Garrett Duncan of NAVAJO ILLUMINATIONS and Madalyn Kennedy of BELOVED ESSENCES.  Garrett will introduce the essences through the storytelling of their creation and his involvement through ceremony. The essences include: 
Chaco Canyon, Land of the Ancients; Mt Rainier, Standing upon Fiery creation; Shiprock, Rock with Wings; Window Rock, Gateway to the Cosmic worlds; White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother to the Native American people. Participants will receive a blessing of the essences and will receive instruction on their use.  Drumming will be conducted to further activate the energies. Handouts will be provided on each essence to all participants.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Claudia Davis

Over the last 25 years, I have been an artist, author, speaker and healer. I have spent this time refining my gifts in Shiatsu massage work, crystal healing and other therapies. My Cherokee heritage led me to being a lifelong student of Native American traditions and the study of the Mayan Calendar. All of these teachings have given me the ability to be open to spirit or “hollow boned”, which means I am a clear and open channel. With the direction of the Archangels and my spirit guides, we have the ability to painlessly clear binding Karmic contracts. This includes clearing lifetimes of Karma, personal pain, and other emotional issues that no longer serve you. I feel honored to be able to share this unique gift with you. When you receive a clearing you are awarded a “Golden Ticket” from the angels. I reside in Colorado with my family. I have worked at the Indian Hot Springs in Idaho Springs, Colorado since 1997.


This is a experiential Work shop that will guided by the Archangels. You will be able to release what is blocking you right now. There will be no “Healing Crisis”. Just letting go of what is blocking your highway so your path is clear… The invitations have been sent out…Come, join us and I guarantee some amazing results. To “feel” the change is all the validation you need.


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Jim Graywold Petruzzi

Jim Graywolf has been a student of indigenous spiritual medicine since his twenties. His birth heritage is Italian Gypsy – his grandmother was the medicine person for four clans in Northern Italy. He has travelled the world living and learning from many cultures and been adopted by his Lakota and Mayan families. Jim is often asked to speak about his journey and what he has learned, which he does with joy.

In 2010 he and Sue Graywolf, his wife, formed a non-profit, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother to share the teachings of the ancestors, nature, sustainable technology and the universe. Jim leads shamanic practitioner courses in Colorado and around the U.S. He and Sue provide workshops on the shamanic medicine of many cultures and Jim provides initiation experiences into the back stream of shamanic medicine of many cultural lines. They also provide traditional healing events, which Sue leads with their healing drum – Hoop of Many Colors. Jim wants the seven generations to inherit a more sustainable, healthy planet. He contributes by sharing the knowledge he has acquired. His books have won awards and he and Sue love working with children to seniors. The joy is in the sharing.

Workshop:  The Essentials of Shamanic Medicine

Explore the essentials of shamanic medicine that Jim and Sue have been taught over the years, as well as the pieces they have added to the ‘stew’ of spiritual healing. They will offer ways to combine the energies used in shamanic work in ways you will not have heard before. And Jim will initiate all participants into the sacred traditional energy streams of shamanic lines that may include Lakota, Mayan, Garifuna (African), Aborigine, Celtic and Gypsy. This is an intense exposure to true shamanic practices that will give attendees some tools to take away. Sue will bring the energy of drum and song to preparing our energy flows for this work.


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Patricia Forbes

Pat is an Advanced Inter-Dimensional Healer/Medical Intuitive. She sees and communicates with multi-dimensional beings including our Galactic Brothers and Sisters, Angels, and Guides of Light. Along with her Gifts and Talents, she has been trained in a variety of Quantum Energy Techniques that align with the information she is given by her team. Some of these are Matrix Energetics, The Emotion Code, Regeneration Through Consciousness ( Cell-Organ regeneration), and The Harmonics of Transformation which was given to her by her Galactic Team. It is still evolving where we as a whole being will become a Torsion Field of our Original Divine Blue Print where through our perfected resonance we can heal ourselves and our planet.

Workshop: Hybrid Children and the next aspect of assisting the Galactic Federation of Light

Many years ago Patricia had an encounter with a group of Hybrid Children.   She has been told that it is now time to bring the information out for all of us to work with the next phase of how to help this Planet and how they are a part of it.  Patricia will assist in the downloading of specific Light Codes for each of you that have hybrid children or feel that you are called to be a part of this next aspect of assisting the Galactic Federation of Light. 

If there is time, and I am certain that my Team will make sure that there is – we will have a group healing, especially to help with the calibration of the downloaded codes that will be given.  – Patricia Forbes



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Donna Visocky

Donna Visocky is the owner and creative director of BellaSpark Productions, and knows a great deal about connecting with Spirit and awakening to the greater possibility. Devastated by the tragic death of her 21 year old daughter, Kristi,  in a car accident, she searched for answers to the nagging question of ” why”. It was this life changing event that took her into the world of the unseen. She knew Kristi was still here but how could that be possible? With her natural sense of curiosity and love of learning,Donna began a new journey of exploration into spirituality and the expansiveness of life-both seen and unseen.

It was in Kristi’s life that Donna found those answers. ” It was Kristi who brought me here, to this place in my life:who opened the windows of my mind to the wonders and blessings of the universe and the realization that this is just a small blip in the journey of our souls”she says.

For the past ten years, Donna has met, interviewed and facilitated conversations with hundreds of the world’s top visionaries, change-makers, speakers, artists, and musicians who bring their gifts and talents to help our individual spark to grow. She has created events and conversations in several US and Canadian locations and developed Bella Spark Magazine to share the stories more widely. Donna also co-hosts a weekly radio show, InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky on BSS Radio. She is also the author of her new book ” I’ll Meet You At The Base of the Mountain”.

Main Hall Lecture Topic: Reality: Real or Illusion?

Is it real, this world we live in? Or just a personal and collective dream we have all agreed to participate in? Do we have the power to change our reality? Find out more…

Workshop:  Unlocking Your Divine Code

Each of us carries within us a God Seed – our own unique Divine Spark, lying dormant until the time of the Great Awakening, that we may once again remember our origin and embody the love and light of Spirit. That time is now. In this workshop and meditation you will activate the frequencies to unlock your Divine God Code as well as that of the greater collective.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Sheryl Watson

Sheryl Watson is a gifted channel of the Ascended Masters and Metatron. For over thirty years she has brought her gifts to people of Earth and is a powerful spiritual teacher, channel and clairvoyant.  Her special love is connecting people with the Higher Realms through readings, workshops and channels.

Sheryl had a spiritual awakening in 1980, learning that she has knowledge of coming to Earth from another star system.  This experience connects her with other wonderful Masters of all universal walks.  She communicates with beings from other realms including The Arcturians, The Andromedans, and Pleiadians.

She lived in the Black Hills during Harmonic Convergence in 1987, quietly following Spirit’s guidance in holding energy for this place. She has Lakota dreams of past lives there.  She has Chippewa in the physical bloodline.

The New Archangels are fantastic Angels that came to Sheryl in a vision! One stood in the room, and unfolded his wings right before her eyes! He said, “We are the New Archangels!”  Sheryl was invited to tell their story. They have come to be way showers for Ascension and each one assists people in specific ways. There are twenty of them.  A book about them is forthcoming! They have messages for humanity and are here for this fantastic time of ascension!  Shery now teaches New Archangel workshops and channels their messages. 

Sheryl’s focus is Ascension: breaking the death and rebirth cycle, assisting people and Mother Earth in positive evolution, and being the channel the Creator has guided her to be!

LECTURE TOPIC:   INTRODUCING THE NEW ARCHANGELS    A concise introduction to the Angels: their specific gifts and their mission for and with humanity.    

WORKSHOP TOPIC: MEET THE NEW ARCHANGELS   Learn about each Angel, their powers and purpose. Each workshop attendee will connect to an Archangel that steps forward for him/her!

Contact:  303 688 1245.   Lantolight@gmail.com  and  WWW.Sherylwatson.com





Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Granddaughter Crow

Dr. Joy “Granddaughter Crow” Gray has received a BSBM/BSBA, MBA, and a Doctorate in Leadership. 
With several years’ experience in Corporate America with an International Company,  additional time working with the Government, as well as, a College Professor – she is here to share and serve under the name of Granddaughter Crow. 

Internationally recognized as a Medicine Women, Dr. Joy “Granddaughter Crow” Gray  was born an Empath and Medium comes from a long lineage of spiritual leaders and esoteric wisdoms.  Raised by spiritual leaders, as a child she was fashioned and trained to serve the people through ministry. Member of the Navajo Nation (50%) and Dutch Heritage  (50%) – she is able to provide a sense of integration through life experience.

Inducted into Delta Mu Delta, International Honors Society in 2012. Voted in as Women of the Year 2015, by the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women). Featured in Native Max Magazine June/July 2016 issue. 

Workshop: Holistic Integration of the Four Bodies of Existence

With the consciousness shifts and the higher vibrations and realms that are now present, it increases our sensitives to the world around us. Yes, our perception expands and the old worldview falls away.  The four bodies of existence are: 1) Physical  2) Emotional   3) Mental  4) Spiritual

So, how are we to navigate in the 3rd dimension… when the illusions are falling away?  How are we to assimilate this higher consciousness outside of this conference so that we can continue to unfold and connect?

This workshop provides practical guidance and tools to be able to assimilate the consciousness shifting and synthesize this wisdom into our daily lives in order to continue the unfolding within each of us and within all of us. 




Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Susanah Magdalena (Tami Harms)  

Topic: Return to Lemuria through the “Magdalene”

As Channel & High Priestess of Mary, known as “The Magdalene” Susanah Magdalena is always looking for correlations when Spirit presents information.  She began to feel an energy of returning *home* and when this was explored found that home (for her) is the origin of those who are known as Lemurians. She then began hearing the voice of Lemuria in a lyrical/chanting cadence.  She began to hear the term/word “Cheaylia” of which there was little insight.

During meditation exploration through the energy of “The Magdalene”, the meaning of the term became apparent.  Susanah was being called Cheaylia or “KeyHolder” to the ancient knowledge/wisdom of those who came to dwell in Lemuria. She now brings this information forth in sharing with each of you.

As a lifelong seeker of truth, Susanah Magdalena has pushed herself and has found clarity and continuity in the energies brought forth galactically.  She feels she is a cosmic citizen of reality consciousness and brings this forward in all she does with responsibility and accountability.

Workshop Title: Journey to the Ancient Lands

Susanah Magdalena as Cheaylia (or KeyHolder) to the mysteries of Lemuria will take you on a journey of exploration and messages from the cosmic source.  Each person attending will receive activations of Connection that will assist in leading towards direction of Divine acknowledgement of Purpose.

Expect the Unexpected.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Rev. Elizabeth (Lelie) Carroll

Rev. Elizabeth (Lelie) Carroll has a Healing Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has been doing healing work all her life and  has always had a special connection with animals. They would come to her and place themselves under her hand when they needed healing.  In 2009, her retail store Earth Star slowed down, the phone stopped ringing and she sat at the register and wondered what she was supposed to do. She asked Spirit and Spirit answered, ” What you have always done “. She did not have any formal  training so she started taking classes. She began learning how to fine tune the healing energy with classes in Reiki, Essential oils, Reflexology, Healing Touch, Healing Touch for Animal’s, Universal White Time Healing, Cell/Organ Regeneration, Animal Communication and more..

Lelie met Standing Elk (Now Chief Golden Light Eagle) at a Star Knowledge Conference in Estes Park in 1996. She felt drawn to the teachings of the 11:11- The Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator. She spent many years learning songs, Ceremony, the 11:11 teachings and is now recognized as a Ceremonial Grandmother. She has been assisting with teachings and The Star Knowledge Conferences since 1997.

WORKSHOP: Animal Communication – A deeper connection to our Animal Companions.

Our animal friends and companions  are constantly communicating with us.  We don’t always understand what they are trying to say or how to help them when they are sick.  Animals can hear our thoughts (Telepathy) and feel our emotions( empathy). This can cause confusion and misunderstanding when we are not aware of what thoughts and emotions we are sending to them. This can lead to behavioral issues and anxiety. 
 We will share ways in which you can deepen your relationship with your animal companions. We will  talk about ways you can tell when they are not feeling well,  in pain or afraid. 
 We will also talk about techniques to move into your Heart space and your animal companion’s  energy field  to share the unconditional love that exists between you and your animal companion. 
Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference
Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Barbara Reynolds

Barbara Reynolds Leads Activations, with the Earth, Individuals and Groups. She works with her husband Mark to “Activate that which is Dormant” The memory of who we are.  Barbara is a Spiritual Guide, she is clairsentient, clairvoyant and clairaudient. She has the unique ability to “see” what is happening energetically in the body and then works with individuals to transform any patterns that are no longer serving their higher purpose. Through her work, Barbara helps her clients align with their authentic Divine self.


Light Code Activation with Barbara and Mark Reynolds

This interactive journey will immerse you in the energy of evolution.  To help you embody more light and love now into your physical body.  A light code Activation helps to support the evolving of the crystalline structure in the body.  As we move into higher frequencies of light any belief systems, programing, cellular memories, patterns, that no longer serve will come up to be transmuted into light.  Through the dynamic of the group setting our fields are amplified for rapid calibration.  As we move into a resonant field of light we create something grander than ourselves and pulse this light into the field for the benefit of all sentient beings on the planet.

We are being called now to claim our light, Activate the lineage of Light held within the crystalline structure of our bodies.  You do make a difference, Awaken your codes of light!  Activate your DNA to “I remember”.


Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds helps to lead Activation groups, envisioning weekends and leads journeys to Activate the Earth.

Mark has the unique ability to present big universal spiritual laws in a way that is easily received. Between his vast knowledge of the tech world and his intimate knowledge of the world religions he is capable of combining the two to present an alternative narrative of how we live day to day and what it means to our eternal growth.

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Inspirational Eve (Eve Parker)

Inspirational Eve (Eve Parker) is a nationally known life coach, neuro-linguistic programmer, self-love scholar and body positive model. She has transformed her body, mind and spirit with the same principles she now teaches. From releasing 150 pounds and keeping it off for 6 years to letting go of drugs and unsupportive relationships, Eve knows first hand how to create a thriving existence. She now helps women release mental, emotional and physical baggage through one-on-one mentoring and online courses.

Workshop Topic:  “Weight Release” Conditioning Your Mind to Release Physical Weight 

Weight Release is the process taught by Eve Parker of Inspirational Eve to let go of internal emotional weight to allow for the release of external body weight. This is the practice of allowing the body, mind and soul to be balanced. The body, when thriving in a healthy and supportive environment, can engage in spontaneous healing and release excess weight off the body.

Come learn the Weight Release process that allowed Eve to release 150 pounds and keep it off for over 6 years. In this lecture, learn the following:

If your body and mind are in opposition

How to get your body to match your soul.

Discover where the emotional memory is stored in your body and how to release it

A 3-step process on how to practically implement the ©Weight Release principles into your daily life 

The traumas from your past are coming thorough your body as excess weight. It is time you have space held to release what is no longer serving your highest potential.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Nicole Duran (Maya Devi Thunderbird)

Nicole Duran –Maya (Mother of Buddha) Devi (Goddess) Thunderbird (supernatural being of power & strength) 
Nicole is a Reiki Master Initiator & teacher who offers a Shamanic Healing Practice of Hands on Healing, Yoga & Meditation. Nicole empowers others to establish a personal practice using lineage based teachings to establish, seal & ground their energy field. Her gift is to assist with the energetic healing & balancing of the Mind, Body & Spirit to achieve maximum health potential. Nicole offers a Shamanic Reiki healing Mentorship Program in Phoenix, AZ and enjoys to travel.
Nicole walks with a Starseed consciousness of healing ability and was shown at a young age how to assist others with during transformation and spiritual awakening. Her passion is to assist others to heal themselves & the planet by releasing deep seeded patterns to re-establish a high vibrational and organic relationship with creator. Nicole offers New & Full Moon mediations, healing sessions, therapeutic & restorative yoga, group & family counseling, Reiki training & community events to inspire health & wellness.
Workshop:  Shamanic Healing Meditation and Sharing Circle
Experience purification of the mind, body & spirit with a lineage based seated practice using Mantra and Kriyas for cleansing.   As we release the mind, and open the heart, we align our energy centers to the 11:11, 12:12 & 13:13 frequency to cultivate internal & external release to activate our energy field.


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Rev. Kari Chapman

Rev. Kari has been on her Spiritual path and in service for 22 years, the founder of the Namaste Healing Center of Wisconsin; she is a Conscious Channel for Archangel Michael and a host of angelic and galactic beings. Known for the purity of her heart and transparency. Rev. Kari Chapman is a conscious, multidimensional Psychic, Exorcist, Sound Healer and Reiki Master Teacher. A teacher in self-empowerment for over 22 years.  Author of five published books.  Kari has lead groups on energy work and spiritual pilgrimage to Europe, Africa, South America, Saudi Arabia and all over the United States helping to facilitate the healing of Mother Earth, humanity and all species of life upon this planet.  Kari will be available for private Akashic Record sessions and will have her published books for purchase.

Rev. Kari will talk about the new Cities of Light that is now being anchored on Earth. She has assisted Spirit with seven and one at Este’s Park. Archangel Metatron asked Kari to bring through a Divine Equation specifically for this Gathering. This Alpha Numeric is the greatest gift we can offer Humanity at this time. These Divine Equations, which is a set of numbers and letters, will awaken certain encodings that have been latent in your DNA and Cellular Memory. This IS how our Souls receive communication and healing from God/ Creator. This WILL awaken your Consciousness!  Receive the New Frequencies for 2016 and Beyond.

Workshop 1 – Saturday at 10 – 1050 am

“What On Earth Is Going On” ? What is The Dark Night Of The Soul ? Kari will share her experience with this. How is the awareness and consciousness shifting ? What is truly taking place on the planet ? How does the collective consciousness effect you ? What is all the confusion, fear and anxieties about ? Attend and find out what is REALLY taking place at this time, current world events and Earth changes through the year 2016 and 2017 from Archangel Michael and the Ascended Masters, and what is our role as Co-Creators ? We all need to understand our Oversoul or Higher Self to better understand who we are. What is your Soul trying to tell you ? How CAN we co-create the world in which we want to live. ” The Future is NOW “. We will have an open question and answer .

Workshop 2 – Sunday 11- 11:50 am

The Great Awakening of 2016 and Beyond, the NEW Protocol for the New Consciousness and Mother Earth. We Are The New Civilization; YOU are the ones you have been waiting for. With the Great Awakening taken place on the planet at this time, there is also a New Protocol to go with this New Consciousness. Rev. Kari will share what she has received from Saturn Command, the Spiritual Hierarchy and Archangel Michael. What we can expect for 2016 and Beyond. In addition, the New Soul Contracts and Amendments. Why are so many Walk-Ins taking place at this time? How does the collective consciousness affect you? Why are so many leaving the planet? Open Q and A.


Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Shirley Bolstok

Shirley Bolstok, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  Her parents are Holocaust Survivors. She has authored books such as “Apples from the tree of Life, Impassioned Soul, and Grapes from the Vines of Life.”  She is an energy healer, speaker, teacher as well as a medium who is able to connect with those on the other side and has spoken at the 11:11 and 12:12 Star Knowledge Conferences in and has been guest on numerous radio shows.   Shirley is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, works with past lives, mediumistic information, frequencies and some other modalities. She has been on blogtalk and internet radio.    Questions about various healing systems are also invited.  She reads and works with each individual as a part of the collective consciousness. . Her goal is to give each individual the tools to work with their own ascension and works with mapping within the Spiritual Physical and Emotional Bodies that lead to increased consciousness, abundance and awakening to our true selves.

Lecture Topic: A New Approach to the Afterlife and Inter Dimensional Realms 


For over 40 years we have assumed that DNA changes affecting the genetic code solely impact how proteins are made. “Now we know that this basic assumption about reading the human genome missed half of the picture. These new findings highlight that DNA is an incredibly powerful information storage device, which nature has fully exploited in unexpected ways.” It is language and carries generational resonation which can be transformed infinitely. I use a sequence of numbers to transform the genetic code which corresponding with divine equations to bring in the number “8” Attunements using the divine “72” . This transforms the protein sequence, and gene control transmuting out the generational coding of illusion and bringing in the divine *8* divine (I AM) manifestation. We will anchor in the 44 of the vibrational sequence of the divine “*8”  Into the land and every member of the group in the workshop and will do attunement to disengage the “Narcissism” Consciousness out of our DNA which has caused by distortions of whom the real “I AM” God truly is. The Pineal Glands and third eye will be activated as well. This is a new experience in the evolution of consciousness. It is my honor to share it with you.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Carol Skylark

Carol Skylark has been seeing from her mind’s eye and translating those visions via art, writing and song since the age of 16. Seeing people as fields of light particles, sometimes called ‘presence’, sometimes simplified into the word Aura, has been her pleasure and purpose for the last 40 some years. Healing,  Reading and Teaching folks how to ‘lighten up’ has been her main service and career via a practice she calls ‘LIGHTBODY ACTIVATION Portraiture Journeys’.

The fan brush serves to clear and comb the dark out and the light in. Small pointed brushes serve as psychic surgeons, focusing in, drawing out and liberating talents and potentials long suppressed but ready now to be embraced for full destiny empowerment. In order to share this work beyond one on one sessions, Carol produced a TV show where the animated paint strokes superimposed over a person’s live reactions show just how the healing happens. You Tube has many of these clips on the “JOURNEYSwithSkylark” channel.

Workshop Topic: ‘SEEing the LIGHT’,   SOURCE  LIGHTing

The fan brush serves to clear and comb the dark out and the light in. Small pointed brushes serve as psychic surgeons, focusing in, drawing out and liberating talents and potentials long suppressed but ready now to be embraced for full destiny empowerment. In order to share this work beyond one on one sessions, Carol produced a TV show where the animated paint strokes superimposed over a person’s live reactions show just how the healing happens. You Tube has many of these clips on the “JOURNEYSwithSkylark” channel.

Workshop Topic: ‘SEEing the LIGHT’,   SOURCE  LIGHTing

The SOURCE is lighting us and everything else all the time. We are given a special eye for enjoying this light show. It’s called the Pineal gland. You can tickle it so it knows you are interested and willing to pay attention to it and then it will show off for you. Illuminating that light bulb, the light source in your very own self can make you extremely ‘lightheaded’ and happy. And since Lightlike attracts Likelight, imagine all the Light Houses in the room Source Lighting each other. That’s what we’ll do. That’s the first stage of  MYSTIC THEATER work.  The second stage is adding sound vibrational sensitivity to the light seeing sensitivities. LightSound synaesthesia brings you to MUSEic and MUSEic can be expressed. We shall venture into MUSEic expression also in this workshop.   (And since we anthropomorphise the SOURCE,through us and out from us, like the great avatars from the past, present and future illuminate for us and through us when we host them, could we not also host our own Divine Source to fully embody us, and ‘walk us in our own shoes’.  That’s a bit much for this first workshop, but not too much to expect from our future Mystic MUSEic troopers.) Come join this workshop to get a taste of the experience.

See VIDEO:   https://youtu.be/-EbqIL3JGg0

See WEBSITE:   http://www.skylarkproductions.com

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Workshop By Gayle Fowler

Have you ever wondered how others are receiving messages from their guides? Why does it look so easy? Would you like to learn how to do it yourself? If so, this workshop is for you!

It wasn’t until just recently that I, Gayle Fowler, have begun “spewing” the messages that I have been receiving from my guides and the guides of others. I will show you how I opened the connection to the Shamanic Guides and how I began receiving clear messages and directions.

This workshop is gears towards connecting or in some cases, reconnecting with your guides. Through a Shamanic Journey, you will ask for one of your guides to step forward and work with you. Then you will begin to open the line of communication with your guides and to share the messages that you are receiving.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to connect, only a lack of confidence and letting our egos get in the way. Join me for this fun filled adventure, you will leave this workshop with a better understanding of connecting and communicating with your guides.



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Workshop By Annette Price

Annette Price is a storyteller, a businesswoman, a folkloric herbalist, a lover of horses, sunshine, and life on this beautiful planet. She is a Missouri farm girl who morphed into a seeker of inner wisdom with the aid of celestial guidance and wondrous earthly friends. She graduated as an EGCM coach in 2011, founded On The Wings of a Horse coaching practice, and has been observing the healing gifts that horses are offering during sessions with clients. This led to her new passion, the Healing Horse Registry International, whose mission is to collect, explore, and document empirical knowledge about this emerging healing modality.

Workshop:   Healing Horse Energy.   

I have spent the last eight years studying the emerging healing modality of horses healing people.  Time after time, I have watched horses quietly changing people ~ from balancing chakra’s, to removing physical pain and the release of emotional fear.  The healing that the horses are offering at this time cannot be taught to them by humans, it is innate in their very being.  It appears to me that my dear friend, Lakota, a beautiful spotted bay, is keenly interested from the heart chakra up, but over and over I have watched her remove negative energy through a specific process I have come to recognize. My healing herd of horses and donkeys are magnificent and magical partners in my gestalt coaching practice.  I am excited to share these experiences with you while working with the Horses at the Dao House!



Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Sound Journey with Michael Heartsong and Joy

Michael and Joy facilitate sound healing groups and teach shamanic workshops in Denver and Boulder. They have a powerful star soul connection, which creates a unique synergy of sound to hold the space for you to go deep within your own universe.

In this workshop, take a journey to connect with your own star nature. You will be guided to open your own powerful access point to the universe and take flight with the mystical combination of the handpan, didgeridoo, drums, rattles, Tibetan bowls and vocal toning. This polytonal sound is multi-dimensional, resonating with the energies of earth and the cosmos. Harmonize with the frequencies of A=432hz, known for its reflection of universal patterns found throughout nature. Michael and Joy will create a sonic landscape to encourage a relaxation into the vastness of who you really are.

Visit www.heartsongway.com and www.joyouspool.com for more information

Upcoming Star Knowledge Conference

Stratosphere Concert – Sunday Night!!!

Stratosphere aims to raise the vibration of the listener through doorways and walls of sound, earthy tones, grounding beats, and deep bass. Striving to share emotion and healing energy through sound Stratosphere takes the listener on a deep journey into numerous dimensions drawing inspiration from source, stars, spirits , the energy of the night sky, being surrounded by trees and nature, and the infinite mind.

Stratosphere has humbly shared the stage with Random Rab, Bluetech, Desert Dwellers, Kayla Scintilla, Living Light, Sixis, Govinda, SaQi, Aligning Minds, Nominus, Pericles, Futexture, Akara, Ilya Goldberg (from Emancipator), Kynara, and many more, and has played at festivals in the south east.

  • Jacob Paskus Guitarist, Keyboardist, Producer





Aug 12, 2016    FRIDAY


TimeMain Room
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08:00—8:50Opening CeremoniesNo WorkshopsNo Workshops
09:00—9:50Bobbie Jo Kuhl
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 10:00 – 10:50Grant Gentry Hicks No Workshops No Workshops
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 Chief Golden Light Eagle No WorkshopsNo Workshops

 12:00 – 12:50

Lunch Break

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04:00 – 04:50 Nicole Duran Patricia Forbes Carol Skylark
  05:00 – 05:50 Mary Lightweaver Inspirational Eve Gayle Fowler
  06:00 – 06:50 Dinner Break  
  07:00 – 07:50 Michael Lee Hill Susanah Magdelena Michael Heartsong & Joy
  08:00 – 08:50Sheldon BirdMary LightweaverNicole Duran
  09:00 – 09:50Granddaughter CrowMichael Lee HillNo Workshops

August 13, 2016    SATURDAY



TimeMain Room
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Workshop Room 1
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Workshop Room 2
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   08:00 – 09:00 Opening Ceremonies
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 10:00 – 10:50Donna Visocky
 Sheldon Bird Rev. Kari Chapman
 11:00 – 11:50 Chief Golden Light Eagle Garrett Duncan Eunjung Choi
 12:00 – 12:50 Lunch Break No Workshops No Workshops
  01:00 – 01:50Jim PetruzziDonna VisockyBobbie Jo Kuhl
 02:00 – 02:50 Anouk Sophia Granddaughter CrowAnnette Price
 03:00 – 03:50 Rosemary the Celtic Lady Chief Golden Light Eagle James Schaub
 04:00 – 04:50 Anara White Bear/Chris Anouk Sophia Jim Petruzzi
 05:00 – 05:50 Grant Gentry Hicks Rosemary the Celtic Lady Michael Lee Hill
  06:00 – 06:50 Dinner Break  
  07:00 – 07:50 Laura Eisenhower

 Anara White Bear and

Chris Katsaropoulos

 Grant Gentry Hicks
  08:00 – 08:50Claudia DavisLaura EisenhowerNo Workshops
09:00 – 09:50Dr. Dream Galactivation No Workshops
  End of Day

August 14, 2016    SUNDAY



TimeMain Room
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Workshop Room 1
($20 – $33)
Workshop Room 2
($20 – $33)
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 09:00 – 09:50Rev. Kari Chapman No WorkshopsNo Workshops
 10:00 – 10:50 Men’s PanelLelie Carroll 
 11:00 – 11:50 Women’s PanelRev. Kari Chapman Claudia Davis
 12:00 – 12:50 Lunch Break  
 01:00 – 01:50 Chief Golden Light Eagle Lelie Carroll Mary Lightweaver
 02:00 – 02:50 Sheryl Watston Dr. Dream Jim Petruzzi
 03:00 – 03:50 Barbara Reynolds Chief Golden Light EagleRosemary the Celtic Lady
  04:00 – 04:50 Shirley Bolstok

 Anara White Bear

Chris Katsaropoulos

 Laura Eisenhower
 05:00 — 05:50
 Carol Skylark Sheryl Watson Barbara Reynolds
 06:00 — 07:00Dinner Break  
07:00 – 07:50Special AppearanceShirley BolstokLaura Eisenhower
08:00 – 09:50

Stratosphere Concert

Closing Ceremonies