Star Family Reunion

June 3-10, 2017

“The Way of the Sacred Tree”

Returning to Nature …


 13:13 Teachings (Can Wakan Wicohan)

Nightly Wisdom Circles and Teachings of the Star Ways

Messages from the Ancients

Nightly Star Gazing

Singing and Drumming

Teachings and Presentations at the Amphitheater

For questions and Registration assistance, please call 303-506-1319

Important things to know:


General Information

Please note that this is going to be a co-created event that is fully guided by Spirit! We may or may not follow a schedule and the times and events will vary each day. Please come with an open mind and an open heart and be in the flow with us. We guarantee you will have an amazing Devils Tower Experience by embracing the intention of Unity Consciousness.

Event Headquarters:  Site B9

Belle Fourche River Campground

There are no reservations available for this campground. Sites are secured on a first-come-first-served basis. There are no showers but there is potable water and restrooms on site.   Look for the Star Family Reunion sign that will be posted at the Star Family Camp Host’s campsite.  This is where you can receive updates and information for the day’s happenings.

Camping Fees:  Individual Sites – $20.00 per night, per site.  8 people maximum per site.  This campground is a self-register campground. Register at the bulletin board just north of the entrance to loop A.

<Visit the Devils Tower Website for more info>

Must Do’s and Must Don’ts:

UPDATE:  DO Bring all the food you would typically consume for each day.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Drinks and Snacks will be up to each participant and speaker.  There will not be a Star Family cooking station so please bring equipment or work with your neighbor to prepare your meals!!!

DO Bring coolers and supplies that you need for your food and prep including eating utensils, trash bags, charcoal, portable stoves, propane, wash basins, ice etc.

DO Bring your own camping equipment: sleeping bags, tents, tarps etc.

DO Bring a comfortable camping chair and star gazing blanket.

DO Bring what you need if you are sensitive to the sun/burning etc.  We may be in the Sun at certain parts of the day.

DO Bring comfortable shoes for hiking/walking the trails.

DO Bring a first aid kit and bug repellents if you desire.

DO NOT Bring Firewood!  We will be securing wood if there is no fire ban.

DO NOT bring video recording equipment (unless you have completed the permit.)


There will be NO event registration on site. 

All attendees must pre-register for the event online.

Camping and meals are not included in registration


We ask that everyone please plan to prepare your meals. 

There are no cooking facilities.


Additional Resources:

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57 Hwy 110Devils Tower, WY 82714
(307) 467-5295

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Star Family Reunion


Teacher of The Star Ways, Chief Golden Light Eagle is one of the “original code carriers” of Turtle Island (North America). Nakota Sundance Chief Golden Light Eagle, is a member of the Nakota Ihunktowan Band of South Dakota, a spiritual advisor, and one of the seven Sundance Chiefs of the Yankton Nakota.  Through years of prayer and ceremony, with a group of spiritual teachers, he has brought forth interpretations of the Star Laws.

Chief Golden Light Eagle will be sharing the 11:11, 12:12 and 13:13 Star Teachings, as well as the energies of the New Moon and how to use these influences in your daily walk.


Star Family Reunion

Jen Berryhill

(Hinhan To Was’te Win – Beautiful Blue Owl Woman)

Jen Berryhill is an Integrative and Transformational coach, Alchemist, Priestess, Sundance Supporter, Self-Love Advocate, and Seeker of Truth.  Jen attended her first Star Knowledge Conference in 2010 and became an instant subscriber to the use of the Symbols.  She has greatly benefited from the teachings of the Maka Wicahpi Wicohan which quickly accelerated her Spiritual Awakening.   Now the Event Coordinator for the Star Knowledge Conference, Jen is working with the Universal Law of Unity to bring loving hearts together to share the latest information and wisdom and prophecy of our time.


Star Family Reunion

Chief Elk Man (Sherwyn Zephier)

Dakota Artist and Sundance Chief Elk Man, Story Teller and Cultural Teacher/Lecturer.  Sherwyn’s objective is to teach people to see the beauty in the world around them using the Arts. Sherwyn has aspired to teach many audiences of all ages and walks of life. He has spoken to all races of people in many regions of the United States and Canada.

Sherwyn answered Spirit’s call and created the sacred visual interpretation of the “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan 11:11 The Symbols”.  He sat praying with the Star Law Symbols during the time of the Snows and composed the Sacred Art for this book of sacred teachings.  As an artist it is the ultimate dream and honor to use one’s God-given talent to apply to a project that will impact the entire planet in a positive, loving and Spiritual manner. Maka Wicahpi Wicohan was a project that catapulted Sherwyn into a new dimension of seeing. That experience has helped him to stand before his own people with a great sense of pride and respect of where he came from, where he is today and what the future holds for him.



Star Family Reunion

Bobbie Jo Kuhl

(Wicahpi Ho Was’te Winyan – Star With a Beautiful Voice)

Star Family Presenter, Master of Ceremonies

Bobbie Jo Kuhl is the owner of Into The Mystic Healing & Arts, a Holistic Wellness Center located in downtown Golden, Co.   Her spiritual awakening accelerated in 2014 when Ascended Master Thoth started channeling through her. Thoth’s energy opened the door for several other ascended masters and star beings to bring in powerful healing messages . She realized her soul mission on this planet during a past life regression where she re-experienced her trip to Earth.   During the regression she remembered how to attain a merkaba and then was flying to this planet. She noticed Earth smelled like infection, this confirmed that she was here to help heal the land.  Part of accomplishing this mission involves educating the masses about the importance of  living from a heart centered space. She believes that when you truly love yourself, your love spreads to everyone and everything.  When you take better care of yourself, you will take better care of the planet.

“I, Thoth, the Atlantean, give of my wisdom, give of my knowledge, give of my power. Freely I give to the children of men. Give that they, too, might have wisdom to shine through the world from the veil of the night. Wisdom is power and power is wisdom, one with each other, perfecting the whole.”- The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Star Family Reunion

Garrett Duncan

Garrett Duncan was born and raised on the Navajo reservation. His clans are the Bitter Water clan (mother) born for the Red Running into the Water clan (father).  Due to his Navajo heritage, Garrett has always encompassed his spiritual upbringing into his everyday life.  At a young age, Garrett listened to the stories told by his grandparents and their teachings that reflected their cultural knowledge, and he was fascinated with the myths and legends of the Diné — who conduct ceremonies to restore health and overall well being.  Their philosophy is based on the concept of Sá’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhó.  “in long life and everlasting beauty”.   Many of the prayers and songs encompass a dualistic philosophy. Sá’ah Naagháí translates to “long life” but from a philosophical standpoint, it represents the male concept of duality — the warrior & the protector.  Ceremonies conducted from this aspect are used to provide protection but also to “attack” certain ailments — to channel energies to be directed and attack that particular ailment so that the patient can heal.  The Diné traditional way of healing encompasses all aspects of the human body in order to restore health and harmony of the individual. Garrett’s a shamanic teacher and healing facilitator.  Currently, he has embraced his abilities and learned to channel universal energy to assist those in need.  He considers himself a “modern day” medicine man.
In beauty, it is finished


Star Family Reunion

Jackie Bird

Jackie Bird, a Dakota Indian and championship hoop dancer, gives an incredible cultural performance. She sings traditional songs in her native language and English and engages members of the audience in her tribute to the four points of the compass of Mother Earth. She also manipulates more than 20 hoops to form images and tell a story.

Star Family Reunion

Narayani Gaia

For the last 20 years, Narayani Gaia has been initiated into both traditional and modern forms of meditation, movement and healing work while sharing these gifts with others all along the way.

As a student of spirituality, Narayani has sat in many Native American ceremonies, received mantra from 5000 year old lineage, swam with whales, went to herbal medicine school and met many spiritual leaders. She has studied folkloric dance and music from central and west Africa since 1993. Narayani has studied 100s of hours of eastern philosophy and healing practices including Qi Gong and Ayurveda.

Narayani has worked as a birth and death doula and has helped people cross over with sharing healing light and prayer. She has also helped many break free of ancestor patterns that are unconsciously running their lives.

As a healer, she has worked with 1000’s of people, both hands on and remotely. She became a massage therapist in 1997, a yoga Instructor through Swami Satchidananda in 1999 and experienced a profound spiritual awakening in 2002 that lasted years to reveal its power.  As a teacher, Narayani created a 500 hour holistic healing curriculum, trained healers in making natural body products and traditional treatments and loves making home made concoctions out of yummy natural oils, flowers and plants for family and friends.

Star Family Reunion


Shakara Tosha is a multidimensional guide + artist who speaks Light Languages + shares Star Messages channeled from various Guides (Arcturians; Sasquatchtani; Hathors; Feminine Aspect of Creator; Stone + Tree Nations) which unlock + activate DNA codes. These messages focus on living life creatively during this 5-13D consciousness shift happening in the Now, encouraging co-creators to re-mem-ber their true nature + develop their unique heart-soul expressions. Bridging ancient wisdom + modern life, Shakara’s a creative inspirationalist of Galactic service assisting the rise of Gaia frequencies together with joy. She offers Light Language guidance sessions + “Energetic Frequency Signatures” that energize creativity, and shares Star Messages via presentations + upcoming books/cds. Shakara worked many years in the art, financial, publishing + marketing fields as a Sr. Website Producer, ran her own website business, + has been a light language artist since childhood.  Recently she left the heart of New York City for the remote rolling hills of the Driftless region in Wisconsin to realize her creative dreams…adoring cheese, spinning barefoot in the grass + talking to the stars.
Shakara Tosha – Star name given by Star Guides
Wicahpi Tosha Waste Win (Beautiful Violet Star Woman) – Spirit name given by Lakota Chief Golden Light Eagle
Jenny Marks; Sundance
Star Family Reunion

Shirley Bolstok

Shirley Bolstok, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  Her parents are Holocaust Survivors. She has authored books such as “Apples from the tree of Life, Impassioned Soul, and Grapes from the Vines of Life.”  She is an energy healer, speaker, teacher as well as a medium who is able to connect with those on the other side and has spoken at the 11:11 and 12:12 Star Knowledge Conferences in and has been guest on numerous radio shows.   Shirley is a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, works with past lives, mediumistic information, frequencies and some other modalities. She has been on blogtalk and internet radio.    Questions about various healing systems are also invited.  She reads and works with each individual as a part of the collective consciousness. Her goal is to give each individual the tools to work with their own ascension and works with mapping within the Spiritual Physical and Emotional Bodies that lead to increased consciousness, abundance and awakening to our true selves.

Shirley’s Activation at Devils Tower:  13 Sacred Rays, Eternal Rainbow fire , the 14th Skull and the new 15th Skull activations

Star Family Reunion

Mark McGuire

Hello!  I’m from Cleveland, Ohio originally but have lived in Portland, LA and Chicago.  I’ve been playing guitar since I was a kid (21 years this past march).  My music as a solo artist as well as with my band Emeralds since 2006 uses guitar, synthesizers, and other instruments to create a sound that is sometimes ambient and meditative, other times more rockin and danceable, and sometimes very heavy and cosmic. I’ve toured the world numerous times as a musician in UK, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as across North America. In 2014 Rolling Stone magazine named me in their “30 under 30 – next generation guitar legends” series. Music has always been my passion and my spiritual connection to the universe. I’ve studied various spiritual traditions over the years as well as magick and other occult & esoteric subjects, wanting to understand more and more about the world and our hidden human history. I believe deeply in the magic healing properties of music and its power to connect people through their hearts. Meeting Terri Rivera and Thomas of House Of Phacops/Alternate Universe and the star family has changed my life in so many ways.  I’ve been a student of the 11:11 teachings since 2015 and was given the Spirit name “iktomi wicasa” (spider man) by Douglas Blue Feather.

Check out some of my music!  <click here>